GH3Plus Installer changelog
GH3Plus Installer changelog

v1.2.2: Fixed 1.2.1 Permission Error





  • Missed a problem with GHTCP permissions from v1.2.1 (Fixes "You do not have permission" Error)

v.1.2.1: Premission Bug





  • Fixes Permission Problems (If you get the error message "An error occurred while applying security settings, Everyone is not a valid user or group", Open the Command Prompt and type the command "net localgroup /add Everyone" and rerun the installer)

v1.2.0: Installer/Mod Updates





  • Removed Game (Caused many problems that couldn't be fixed)
  • GH3+ v0.3 has been updated to v0.6 (Open notes, virus software fixes)
  • GHTCP Hack has been added (Import tap notes, export chart files)
  • Replace Feedback with Moonscraper (Up-and-coming chart editing tool, works with new hacks)
  • GHTools v1.2.1 has been updated to v2.0 (New GUI, more tools)
  • Updated Mid2Chart to the newest version
  • Many bug fixes from v1.1.0

v1.1.0: Bug Fixes





  • Permission/Administrator bugs
  • GUI Glitches
  • Bug causing problems with Windows 10

v1.0: Initial Release





  • Initial Release
  • GH3+ v0.3
  • GHTCP v2.0.4
  • Feedback 0.97b
  • GH Tools v1.2.1